Maya Jane Coles – First Fires

Simon Green aka Bonobo creates a brand of electronica/trip hop that has gained him a lot of attention in electronic music circles, and even throughout the mainstream with tracks like “Cirrus” from his most recent album “the North Borders” clocking close to 3 million views since the beginning of the year.

Another standout track from that album “First Fires” featuring the vocals of Grey Reverend, which has recently been remixed by Deep house sensation and big fan Maya Jane coles. While the original is a very chilled downtempo track that flows beautifully in its own right, Maya Jane has really garnered it perfectly for the early stages of any house set. Reverend’s vocals remain center stage, but Bonobos cinematic strings have been stripped -for the right reasons in the case of this club mix- and replaced with a much funkier rendition of Maya Janes recognisable wobbling baseline. However not all of the melody and feel of Simons original have been taken away, towards the end of the remix Maya has retained some of the original trip hoppy atmospherics, and combined with textbook Maya drum work, this is a remix that no doubt Bonobo would much appreciate. Expect this remix to be out soon via Ninja Tune.