Avicii’s YouTube Music Awards Segment Confuses Everyone

Avicii Fun Guy
The YouTube Music awards quietly happened this past weekend.  For the most part, it was a more modern approach to a traditional awards ceremony.  This time the twist was an audience that was homegrown from the web.  It went off with little problems and no real noteworthy occurances.

Then a video surfaced of Avicii’s “Performance.”

Except that it wasn’t really a performance at all.  It was a live short film, written by Lena Dunham (of HBO’s Girls), directed by Spike Jonze, and starring famous actors Michael Shannon as Avicii, and recent music-to-movie crossover Vanessa Hudgens as the “DJ-loving Nice Guy-Dumping GF”.  The kicker?  The only thing “Avicii” about it is the music being played.


Anyone else baffled by this?  4:40, 6:20 especially.  It’s like tragic, or ironic, or something.