Morgan Page – Against The World

Morgan Page

Morgan Page has spent years honing his signature sound, and 2013 has been a great year for releases.  So far, he’s brought us a number of big tracks like “Your Love,” “ROTN,” as well as a summer bootleg EP.  Not to be discouraged by his shocking and appalling exclusion from the 2013 “EDM Yearbook” (according to Mat Zo), as he’s entering the back half of his MPP3D tour, he has fully released the last of his 2013 teasers, titled “Against the World.”

Those who have had the pleasure of attending his sets, be they at one of the major festivals like EDC, or his tour, may be surprised to hear this.  While his sets of late feature a prevalence of  club-thumping, big festival drops, this song is pure Morgan, right in line with his other hits like “Fight For You,” or “Longest Road.”

Here’s to hoping he continues down this path.  It’s a refreshing break from the Beatport formula we’ve come to hear a lot of recently.