Justin Bieber Punches Michael Wood’s Manager For Not Complying with Hip-Hop Request

According to Tweets from Michael Woods, at a gig the DJ was playing at in South Korea, the pop star, Justin Bieber, came up to the booth and demanded that Woods play hip-hop…ok. When Woods “politely declined”, Bieber took a swing at Wood’s tour manager then fled behind his security.

Woods quickly took to his Twitter account to let the world know what had happened:

This isn’t the first time that Bieber has gotten on the wrong side of a DJ. Back over the summer, while deadmau5 was at a pool party at Cabana in Toronto, he had Tweeted that Bieber was there and that the party was over. After that tweet it was all done for deadmau5 because nobody messes with Bieber! Thousands of “Beliebers” aka Bieber fans, started attacking deadmau5 via Twitter for days using their own Justin Bieber fan Twitter pages. Joel took to Twitter this morning to weigh in on his fellow Canadian:


The Woods vs. Bieber story is still developing, but given from the three tweets from Woods, the story seems pretty clear.

Maybe this was what Biebs wanted to hear…

Photos courtesy of TMZ