Deadmau5 Calls Justin Bieber a ‘little prick” For Destroying his “Top Gear” Dreams

Deadmau5 Fires Off At Bieber For Ruining His Chance To Get On Top Gear

Filter is a word that is absent from Joel Zimmerman’s (Deadmau5) vocabulary. For those of you who can’t distinguish between an artist’s work and his/her personality, you probably have an issue with the way Joel carries himself. I, on the other hand, choose to enjoy his revolutionary music and be entertained by his rants. His latest Twitter blow up is no exception. And the fact that Justin Bieber is the subject of it, makes it that much more entertaining. Let me start from the beginning. Joel was in his hometown of Toronto promoting his Veld music festival at the Cabana Pool Bar. Justin Bieber then decided to show up at the same bar and steal his thunder. Joel reacted graciously and met the pop star. If you know Deadmau5, you have to know that at that point he must have had some hidden agenda. The night went on as normal, but a few hours later Deadmau5 had this to say on Twitter…

“Wanna see rage? check this out: Hey Biebs fans. I TOUCHED HIM!” he typed. “I DID! it was AWESOME! Nya nya. Wut now? Yeah. I touched his hand. So soft.”

On a seemingly unrelated note, Deadmau5 had been campaigning for some time before this evening about his desire to appear on the British television program Top Gear. So, what’s the connection between this and Bieber? Deadmau5 seems to think that his run in with Bieber has destroyed his chances of appearing on the show. He believes that the extreme reactions he received in response to his sarcastic Twitter post about the pop star tarnished his reputation to a point where Top Gear will no longer consider selecting him as a guest for their program. And, if it didn’t, the obscenity filled Twitter explosion he went on after reaching this conclusion will most certainly seal his fate. Check out what Joel had to say below.

“[It] got f—— buried thanks to that little prick. Like you little f—. I can’t believe it. I was so f—— stoked that whole day and then he just shows up and, I s— you not, I didn’t think about anything else other than ‘You just f—— ruined every chance I ever had of getting on f—— Top Gear.’ So that’s that.”

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