Flosstradamus & Headhunterz Mend Relationship; Collaboration In The Works

Flosstradamus & Headhunterz

Flosstradamus and Headhunterz have finally settled their differences and mended a relationship that had gone awry. A little over a year ago, Headhunterz was in a mood when the dynamic trap duo borrowed a sample from the hardstyle producer for their track, “DEAF,” which was used it in their free ‘X’ EP Part 2.  Adding to the fire was that this was not the first time Flosstradumus had done something like this. Showtek took offence that his own track ‘Colour of The Harder Styles (Defqon.1 ’06 Anthem)’ had been sampled without his consent.

In response to the Headhunterz and Showtek allegations, The hoodie boyz offered a soft response:

“I sampled your shit because I like it. don’t hate… collaborate.”

with Showtek countering:

“if you sample our track and call it your bootleg, yes of course, but guys come on it’s not cool” and “we are proud if people sample our stuff, but if you dont ask , its stealing.”

Anyways, here is the recent Floss tweet regarding the collaboration. Take it for what you will. These two groups definitely have the ability to make a monster track, so we are most definitely quite excited for this.