NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Blames The Users & Defends Electric Zoo

We’ve heard a lot of voices from just about every side of the spectrum when it comes to the Sunday cancellation of Electric Zoo. It’s a story you’ve all heard by now. Two drug related deaths and a “high volume of crime” forced the mayor’s office and event promoters to shut down the festival a day early. So, it came as quite the surprise today when NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke out in support of the festival promoters. Bloomberg took a bold stance coming out and saying that these deaths are simply a result of drug usage and not a reflection of complacency by the authorities that organize and promote the event. I applaud the mayor for putting himself out there and stating an opinion that seems to be shared by the vast majority of fans within the EDM community. He went on to say that the promoters involved with Electric Zoo have a “stellar record.” After 5 previous years of working with the group, Bloomberg had “nothing but good things to say about them.” It’s easy to blame to one group, but the mayor would rather, “take a look at every concert to see if the concert can be run safely.” Take a look below to see the mayor’s quote in its entirety.

There’s something that he was involved with about a dozen years ago, but we’ve been working with this promoter, organizer, for the past five years and they have a stellar record. I can tell you that when we brought it to their attention, we didn’t need to — they knew they had to put in as good procedures as we could think of and have been nothing but cooperative, and I have nothing but good things to say about them. The bottom line here is that you see people here who are doing drugs that shouldn’t be doing drugs and you see the fatal consequences. They city will have to take a look atevery concert to see if the concert can be run safely.