Joel Zimmerman’s notorious “fuckmylife” SoundCloud account is nearing a whopping 100 tracks, and today he helped it along even more by uploading a tune with yet another strange and mysterious title, “Pets 1&2”. The song is twelve minutes long and reminds us quite a bit of “Strobe.” Very soothing and uplifting. Soft chords are complemented by harder plucked single notes, giving the track texture. You then hear someone’s breath, chopped up to the beat, giving the production a sense of life. The breathing remains constant for the next 5 minutes or so, giving the track a pulse. Regardless of the surroundings, you still hear the track beating. Halfway through, we experience a shift to a darker mood. This shift allows the listeners to refresh their pallets and experience a more raw response to the music. Few producers are able to put emotion into their production to the extent that Joel is capable of. He continues to impress us with this recent outing.