Kaskade Personally Reaches Out to A Fan in Need of Comfort

This Saturday, Kaskade was playing Miami as part of his U.S. Atmosphere Tour. One fan, who chooses to remain nameless, wasn’t able to attend due to personal reasons and had to sell her ticket. The fan in question loves Kaskade more than anything and this was going to be her first time ever seeing him. Unfortunately, life rears its ugly head at times, and unfortunate circumstances bring us all back down to Earth. However, that doesn’t mean a certain someone can’t attempt to pick his fans back up via a reassuring message:

It’s always refreshing to know that artists reach out to their fans, especially in times when they need it the most. Kaskade promotes love through his music and his audience embraces every word and every chord. Even though she won’t be able to attend his show anymore, just knowing that she will be missed and that her favorite DJ cares, is enough to get her through this bump in the road. After just being named the number #1 DJ in America, this solidifies that he remembers who brought him here. Our best wishes go out to this particular fan, and we’d like to give a huge thumbs up to Kaskade. You are an amazing individual, and our community is so much better with you in it. Have a good week everyone, and take care of each other.