HARD Events Seeks to Conquer Australia in 2014

The penultimate festival of the end of summer has to be Stereosonic, if you live in Australia. This year won’t be the first year the boys of HARD are putting together their own stage, and recent news indicates that as early as 2014,  full on, independent HARD events might start popping up down under. The news comes straight from Gary Richards, aka Destructo (if you haven’t seen him live what are you doing with your lives?).

“We’re talking now about doing something in the spring – whether it’s a tour with me and a couple of guys or a HARD branded thing, we’re definitely talking about doing something for early 2014.”

While the HARD events aren’t quite as prolific and widespread as say, Insomniac, they do tend to promote artists beyond the mainstream electro dance that most have become accustomed to hearing.

“HARD is the anti-pop dance music thing that we do. We’re trying to bring new shit to people, and show them that there’s a lot more to EDM than the big commercial artists out there.”

Australia, a country in which the electronic dance community has been growing rapidly as of late, will soon be able to enjoy the unique brand of HARD, which is fantastic news for an up and coming electronic music market. In the meantime if you’re going to Stereosonic (so jealous!) be sure to check out Richards’ HARD arena for a preview of things to come in 2014.

via – inthemix