Dash Berlin Releases Official Music Video for ‘Jar of Hearts’

Dash Berlin has released the music video for his single, “Jar of Hearts” which features the vocals from Christina Novelli. The video weaves in out of scenes of the DJ performing, Novelli singing on stage and Novelli and Dash behind the scenes.  According to his YouTube page for the video, the scenes shown of the DJ on stage were filmed during his #musicislife charity stadium concert in Mexico City.  Novelli performed live with him during this concert, which is a pretty cool thing to see live during a DJ set.  With thousands of people in attendance and with help from friends of the DJ, the Dash Berlin #musicislife concert became “one of the most emotional and unforgettable nights in the history of Electronic Music in Mexico.”

“Mexico has supported me from day one, now it’s my turn to give back to the people that need it the most, this stadium charity concert was the biggest thing I could think of at the time. I want the phrase “Music Is Life” to get an even deeper meaning; the music is now actually changing people’s lived for the better, which gives the music a soul.”