Concerns Over Molly Usage Leads To Cancellation Of Above & Beyond, Pretty Lights Shows

The recent uptick in MDMA-related deaths (and the media attention surrounding it) has lead to more cancellations, this time affecting global powerhouses Above & Beyond and U.S favorite, Pretty Lights. Both shows were to be held at UMass’ Mullins Center. However, UMass has voiced concerns over the string of MDMA-related incidents across the East Coast and in their eyes, the situation has not improved. Therefore, they have chosen to exercise their jurisdiction over the arena and cancel both of upcoming shows.  This is the email the school sent out to students earlier this week:

A short time ago, the University cancelled the Return to Fantazia, an
electronic dance music event scheduled at the Mullins Center. We were
gravely concerned about a rash of MDMA, Ecstasy or Molly-related
overdoses and deaths in the Northeast related to these events.
Unfortunately, the factors that led to cancellation of the Sept. 21
concert have not positively shifted. In fact, we have grown even more
concerned about ongoing reports of overdoses at such events.

The Molly-taking culture at these shows is real and now exceedingly
dangerous to the health and safety of concert attendees. As a result,
the University is cancelling Above & Beyond, scheduled for Oct. 4, and
Pretty Lights, scheduled for Oct. 30.

While it is true that college students should be trusted to take
responsibility for their own actions, our administrative and student
leadership must also take responsibility for creating a safe and
positive environment that encourages and cultivates good
decision-making. That is ongoing work and critical to building a
community of care and active engagement.

We have broadly shared information about resources and promoted
campus-wide awareness on the dangers of Molly, an illegal, manufactured
drug banned by our Code of Student Conduct. For more detailed
information on Molly and its side effects go to, or
contact University Health Services, the Center for Health
Dean of Students Office or the UMass Amherst Police Department.

We know EDM concerts are not the only place a student can use Molly or
other drugs, but the evidence is clear that Molly use is closely linked
to EDM events. We certainly hope the deliberative process the
administrative staff and the Student Government Association took in
evaluating this matter highlights the seriousness of the issues and our
commitment to a safe university environment. The educational efforts
will continue. The campus-wide discussions on the use of Molly, alcohol
and other drugs will also continue. Despite the disappointment some
students will feel, we hope this is an opportunity to hone in on the
values that we aspire to as a community: care, civil discourse and
meaningful engagement in each other’s lives.

Students who have purchased tickets for the Above & Beyond and Pretty
Lights shows can obtain refunds at the point of purchase.

Enku Gelaye
Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life

Zachary Broughton
President, Student Government Association