Release: Two Fresh & heRobust – Throw That EP

Two Fresh & heRobust – Throw That
Genre: Trap | Label: Smog Records | Released Date: 8/6/2013
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Here’s something to get you through the week: Two Fresh & heRobust released their EP Throw That. How will it get you through the week? Well the first track ‘Throw That’ will immediately have you hooked: it opens up with a vocal build-up asking to “throw that booty back” and goes into a sick nasty drop filled with trap lasers. It’s one of those that makes you want to get up and dance, filled with all the right sounds at all the right times; there’s a reason that this is a title track. This will be the headliner track for future trap artists as they go into the end of festival season. The second track, aptly named ‘Touch’, is a nice change of pace, a sexy collaboration of house and trap. It sounds kind of like a drug trip gone right. The next song Cirque Du Solo is actually a bit terrifying, like if EDC took place in a big-top and you saw all the people dressed up and thought they were there to kill you. Actually more of like a bad Stephen King novel. Or a good Stephen King movie. The EP concludes with two remixes of ‘Throw That’ by SPL and Swizzymack, but you have to listen to those to feel them out. I’m still hooked on the first three tracks.