New Pendulum Album and First Knife Party Album in 2014

For years now Twitter has been the a main tool used by artists and celebrities to directly communicate with people who care about what they may have to say at any moment, unaltered and uncensored. And every once in a while, the twitter community gets some pretty inside information effortlessly typed up by a person of interest in causal and what seems to be spur of the moment tweeting. OneΒ  who is pretty well known for this is one half of the now legendary Knife Party duo and front man for the trailblazing band, Pendulum, the multi-talented Rob Swire; who is surprisingly outspoken on the social networking site for a DJ who rarely if ever does much talking during Knife Party sets. Early Thursday morning Rob Swire tweeted that fans can expect a new Pendulum album in 2014 AND the first Knife Party album sometime before the new Pendulum project. Definitely exciting news and surely two projects EDM fans new and old will all be looking forward to!