Deadmau5 Continues Soundcloud Rampage, Teases Four More Tracks

Deadmau5, slow down, buddy. Just kidding, keep this tune rampage going, we will just have to try our best to keep up!  Once more, Joel has peppered us with content.  Four new tracks, within the past 24 hours: Stage Eight, All I Have, All I Had and All I Got.  “Stage Eight” is a little more high energy than the rest, making for a stellar sixty seconds of tune.  “All I Have” will be familiar to Deadmau5 fans, as it is right up his ally in terms of style: simple, organ-esque synthesizers, coupled with an energetic drum rack and a heavenly melody.  It is also the most complete of the set, clocking in at over seven minutes.“All I Got” has a grimy feel to it, and is probably the least polished of the four offerings, however, it is still an entertaining two minutes. All in all, it is very delightful that such a well respected producer such as Joel keeps his Soundcloud page this updated with content. No one else does that. He is giving us a view into his experimentation with sound as he is producing it, which is more or less completely unheard of for an artist of Joel’s stature. Big ups. Check out the tracks below.