Music Video: Dirty South feat. Joe Gil – Until The End

Dirty South continuously brings us emotional and uplifting tracks that generally speak of love, life and friendship. His latest artist album, Speed of Sound, is full of emotional tracks that play like ballads. ‘Until The End‘ is one of the star tracks off the album and instantly captured the ears and hearts of many. Joe Gil sings the sweet lyrics that speak of love and Dirty South combines them his uplifting melodies and skilled synth work to create a track that makes people want to put their arms around their friends and loved ones and sway back and forth while singing along.

The music video, directed by Henrik Hanson, opens with visually stunning footage of stormy skies where things turn from light to dark, but among the terrifying beauty there is growth and rebirth. It cuts to the title and then the scene changes to a scene of lit up tree bearing a swinging tire swing. It is calm, serene and intriguing. A man in a cape and mask playfully approaches the tree and calls a girl down from the boughs. Suddenly the scene changes to friends dancing and playing around a bonfire having a grand time. It is a scene that many of us may be familiar with. The two people from the tree are there and they obviously are falling in love. The video shows the emotions of falling in love, breaking up, missing that person and every moment wishing they were right beside you again. The video cuts in and out with flash backs and different scenery that it leaves you wondering which story is reality for the two people. Was it just a dream?