Release: Lets Be Friends – iOA EP

If you follow EDMTunes then you know that we here are huge fans of the dj/producer duo Lets Be Friends. If you’ve heard of them before, then we’re going to assume that you too have acknowledged their greatness. If this soon to be huge name in the electro/dubstep scene is still unknown to you, now is just as good a time as any to educate yourself. Their new highly anticipated EP is finally here and all the hype was for good reason. From day one, their objective has been to pump out fast paced beats and high energy vibes, and they have yet to disappoint. iOA does just that all throughout, but this time they’ve upped the anti. The 3 tracks reach a certain level of complexity providing the listener with mass amounts of organized chaos. Its super rhythmic, its hyper melodic, its perfect music to get you pumped for any occasion. Lock and load EDM heads, its time to rage.

Lets Be Friends – iOA EP | Download on Beatport