EZoo and Groupon Release Discounted Day 1 Tickets

In what might be the first time for this to happen for an electric music festival, EZoo has teamed up with Groupon to offer a discounted Day 1 pass.  This 3 day festival will be held on Randall’s Island park Friday August 30th.  This is the 5th year for the festival, hailed as having one of the best views available (overlooking the NYC skyline).  This ticket price helps bring EZoo into the levels of more “attainable” ticket prices alongside some others like Electric Forest and Lights All Night.

In a world where we are starting to see ticket prices go up quickly (with Ultra being one of the most available examples), are we looking at a breath of fresh air and sign of more good things to come with ticket prices?  Or is this a fleeting opportunity we may not get to see again?

Either way, get them while you can here.  The Groupon runs for four days, but with a limited amount available, I’m willing to bet they sell out fast.  Even if they do, and you’re feeling left out (or this is still over your ability to pay), here are a list of the afterparties, most of which (if not all) still have tickets available.