Clubber/Raver Woes: How Bad Is Your Hearing?

Hearing Loss

Clubbers and Ravers like our, scratch that, love our bass loud and bumping.  In an average club or festival, our ears are subjected to upwards of 125 decibels for 3-10 hours and, sometimes, 30+ hours over a weekend.  Severe hearing damage starts when your naked ears are thumping to 90 decibels for more than 4 hours.  Years of loud music via concerts, festivals, car sound system, or headphones will eventually lead to hearing loss if you’re not careful.  If you’re curious about where your hearing stands, check out this quick test on the AsapScience YouTube Channel. By listening for different frequencies, you can gauge how much your ears have “aged”. Put on a pair of earphones, set the quality to 1080p, and find out for yourself.  If you’ve been experiencing constant or intermittent high pitched ringing or pain when subjected to loud noises, seek professional help to prevent further loss. Turning down the volume once in a while and wearing ear plugs during loud shows are also cheap and effective ways to help your battered ear drums. Music is best enjoyed with your healthy functioning ears, so don’t be a speaker tweaker!