Chuckie Knighted In Home Country Of Suriname

Dirty Dutch boss, Chuckie, can now add one more impressive accomplishment to his remarkable career. It’s an honor that few DJs will ever attain no matter how successful they are and how much money they may make. Chuckie is now royalty in his homeland of Suriname after being knighted by president Dési Bouterse. The former Dutch colony, which is located in South America, was the site of the Carribbean Festival of the Arts. Chuckie was a headliner at the festival, and he is idolized by much of the youth living in the nation. It was for this reason in addition to his musical accomplishments that he received this great honor. His benevolent acts stretch beyond the nation of Suriname as well. Chuckie is responsible for an organization in Aruba called Play Foundation. Play Foundation is a youth development program that offers solar power to schools in Aruba in order to allow for creative arts and music projects. Let’s send a congratulations the way of Chuckie for being a true ambassador of the industry.

So amazing to see that my motherland shows so much love for me!!! I also got “knighted” by the president of Suriname!!! From now on call me Sir Clyde Narain!