Music Video: Astronaut – Apollo

To celebrate the release of their EP Apollo today, which will include a remix by Dodge & Fuski, Astronaut debuted a music video for the title track on UKF. The title song starts out with a soothing melody beat as the camera pans over a wasteland towards a spaceship where people await to board. As the lyrics start-up we see the title character, aptly named Apollo, running towards the ship. Both of the characters, a mix of Minecraft and Interstellar 5555 make eye contact as the ship launches without Apollo. The song begins its crescendo when Apollo hops in a spaceship of his own and takes off after his loved one. The song drops and this once happy house track is filled with unexpected glitch mobbing and carries on its merry way, following Apollo through space where he pursues the spaceship. As the song slows down we see Apollo come out of hyperspace and crash land on an alien planet. The video ends there, and Astronaut assures us that this video is the first episode in what will be a video series following the adventures of Apollo. The song will prove to be a great opening track in any DJ’s mix, livening up the crowd and getting them into the mood and then getting them to rage out with a slightly heavy drop, all the while still keeping up those good vibes. Head over to Beatport to grab this EP today.