I AM HARDWELL Documentary
There seems to be no stop to this man’s madness! #6 DJ in the world Hardwell has just announced a huge documentary with a teaser, which you can see below. The documentary showcases the life and times of the dutch mastermind behind monster hits like “Spaceman”, “Apollo”, and “How We Do” over the last few years. Hardwell’s videographer Robin Piree, the man behind Hardwell’s aftermovie and Q&A’s, has gotten two and a half years of exclusive access to Hardwell’s life from an upcoming artist to a international DJ global icon. This provides a whole new level of understanding not only Hardwell, but the trials and tribulations that any DJ undergoes as they rise to the top. Hardwell is making big leaps and bounds in the electronic music industry and this documentary is just the icing on the cake. This documentary will appeal to Hardwell fans and music fans alike. Keep your eyes out on this world tour influenced titled documentary coming later this year.