Deadmau5 Goes After Commercial House.Wins.

Joel Zimmerman

Joel has been on a roll lately. From a few pretty fantastic releases on his “Fuckmylife” Soundcloud page, to his big “Fuck You” to Ultra Records, and of course his twitter argument with Afrojack over what constitutes good music, Deadmau5 has frankly been killin it (if you seriously thought that Afrojack was ever ahead in that argument at any point, you need to re-check your definition of “Owned”).  Earlier today, Joel uploaded a track that can only be described as How to Troll Mainstream House 101. Appropriately titled, “DROP DA BOMB” employs the classic build up, a stupid voice saying something more or less pointless, and then an incredibly simple, staccato, tribal synth on top of a 4×4 beat.  It sounds quite similar to, well, everything in electro house at the moment. It’s the perfect way to basically state what we writers circle around with lengthy articles about bubbles, stagnation, and festival tracks: that at the end of the day, originality and a real want to create amazing and powerful music needs to trump copy cat production thats sole purpose is to be on some top 100 list. If you haven’t listened to the recent tracks that Joel has put out, you should. They are wonderful previews of music, created by a person who, at times may talk a little too much shit about the industry, but really cares about what he puts out there as an artist and as a member of the electronic music scene. P.S: shout out to Professor Meowington.

Updated: Afrojack just uploaded a new “Hypebeat” as a shot at Deadmau5. Listen here