Offical “Dance Music Awards Show” Announced for 2014

Ultra Music Festival moving two successful weekends, the legendary Tomorrowland bringing a festival to the States, a beefed up and stacked like never before EDC Vegas right around the corner. It seems like Dance Music is on a fast track to world domination and now it seems like we have one more reason as to why it’s a genre that’s hear to stay: a “Dance Music Awards Show”

Insomniac Events, the phenomenal event planning company who brings you larger than life festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival and Beyond Wonderland is teaming up with Dick Clark Productions (a leading production company in television programming, being the creators of notable programming like, “So You Think You can Dance?” and “Miss Universe”) to bring to us the first annual Dance Music Awards in 2014. This without a doubt is speaking volumes for the EDM scene as we know it. Seeing the exponential increase in talented producers, subgenres and just the sheer amount of music being put out today, everyone has their own two cents about who’s on top. The concept of an annual award show solely dedicated to dance music will definitely help bring the most talented and loved producers at the forefront of the scene in the sense that they can now be immortalized for being considered the best in a specific category for a specific year; or perhaps even through lifetime achievement awards (how do I nominate Fat Boy Slim as the first recipient?) . I believe that in order to foster this unforgettable culture into something that’ll withstand the tests of time, our history has to be recorded. I definitely think this idea will help further cement the memories of great Dance productions and producers into the history of music and is something we all can look forward to.