Krewella Gets Shut Down at Machinima E3 Afterparty

So last night some of the guys and gals from were front and center for Tritonal, then Krewella, at the Machinima E3 after party at Icon in downtown Los Angeles. Imagine having a jolly good time, when suddenly the sound is cut and the performers are literally kicked off the stage – that’s what happened to Krewella last night. To make matters worse, the event was being broadcasted live on the internet and was also cut mid-stream for viewers at home. Of course at the time we had no idea what was going on; it was obscenely early for their set to have been done. It didn’t make any sense at the time to entertain the idea of them being shut down. For one, due to the nature of the event (a bizarre mix of gamers and electronic music junkies) the crowd was tame by most club standards. For another, the sound itself was not that loud – there could have been a lot more bass in that sound system.

To their credit, Krewella attempted to keep playing but the men in charge just weren’t having it. Afterwards, Krewella hung around and were gracious enough to greet their fans and take photos with just about anybody who asked. It was only this morning we found out what really happened – the city of Los Angeles shut the rooftop party down.