Destroid: The Invasion has already begun

Folks, what you are about to see is Not Suitable for Work. More importantly, it’s not suitable for life. But it needs to be seen, the viewing public needs to know. EDMTunes is lucky enough to have gotten it’s hands on a very special video file taken by two brave souls who sacrificed their own well being to bring to us news from out of this world: we are being invaded. What I am about to show you is bone-chilling evidence that there really are other forms of life outside of this world. If you feel you are ready, please click the link below.

For those of you who didn’t, I don’t blame you. Although it is short, it shows members of the renegade alien race Destroid stepping of their Bass-Ship and onto our soil. All we were able to recover from the crash site were these 10 bass-fueled tracks that can be heard here: Destroid-The Invasion. Along with these tracks EDMTunes was able to recover these photos of the invaders, and what they are capable of. EDMTunes has vowed to follow this story as closely as possible in hopes of learning more about these invaders and what they want to do here. Be sure to track their progress here in the coming weeks for more news videos like the one seen above.
Please be noted that this video should not be seen by young children. Let them go on believing everything is ok for just a little bit longer. It’s our burden that we must carry on our shoulders. The fate of the world is in our hands. This is certainly not the last we will see of these invaders. We must elevate our existence, or be Destroid.