Cartoony Video By Goldfish Slams Popular Electronic Artists

Hailing from South Africa, the electronic duo Goldfish recently released a video to their track ‘One Million Views’. It is quite a catchy tune with a nice groove and soothing vocals, and the video slightly resembles those from the School House Rock series. This cartoon however carries a not so hidden message. It features caricatures of Skrillex, Daft Punk, Steve Aoki and more being lead by a Deadmau5 rip off (portrayed by a guy with a giant cat helmet… real original) in an attempt to take over the music scene by pushing play and rejecting live instruments. It continues to poke fun of commercial djs by saying the things they do behind the set are meaningless, or that the set itself could be fake and turn out the same product. Apparently, we the fans are looking the industry to pump out the same cookie cutter performers one after another to keep us entertained.

While we all know some of these DJ’s live performance is based heavily on simply playing their tracks one after another, we are even more aware that does not necessarily take away from their talent as producers, let alone all around musicians. Just goes to show that some need more than just a catchy tune to get their voice heard. What do you guys think?