Zedd ‘Clarity’ reaches Gold status in US

Zedd's facebook status announcing the good news

Well it’s about time. Zedd’s debut album Clarity, headlined by the insanely popular anthem of the same name has finally reached gold record status in the US. Maybe you’ve heard it? The single has only littered every 15 minutes of FM airtime, filled the air in the opening weeks of Festival season, and has remixes ranging from Tiesto to Brillz to Torro Torro. The album also features a multitude of other club favorite tracks like ‘Spectrum’ featuring Matt Koma and Follow You Down featuring Bright Lights. Other guest artists include Ellie Goulding OneRepublic vocalist Ryan Tedder and Lucky Date. This has skyrocketed Zedd to celebrity status and has made him a ‘must-see’ for any concert goer this summer as well as cementing him as a force in the ‘new-age’ of EDM.

Zedd, congratulations to the first of many Gold records in your promising career, can’t wait to hear the next one.