Calling All Kaskade Fans

Have you ever dreamed of meeting Kaskade? Have you ever wanted to have him crowd surf above you? Have you ever imagined yourself in one of his musice videos? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, listen up! Your dreams are not as wild as they may seem.

With the approaching release of his hit track Atmosphere, Kaskade brings news of a music video to accompany the beautiful creation.  That’s not the best of the news. Kaskade once again shows his love and appreciation for his fans by offering us a chance to be in the video by recreating a crowd/concert scene for Kaskade to crowd surf. The man himself took to his Twitter and Facebook to spread the word.

Here are the basic details of the invitation:

Thursday 5/30/13

4pm Call until 10pm End

Must be 18+ and be in Los Angeles

Must RSVP here:

This is a once and a life time opportunity kids, don’t miss out on the limited spaces available. Also to all of you who plan on going, let us remember to  be civil, show respect and avoid causing a riot. We want Kaskade to continue to do wonderful things for us, so let’s show him the love and respect he deserves and make some wonderful waves in the atmosphere!