Don Burgundy

Milk was a bad choice.

The music industry has changed drastically over the last 15 years. With the introduction of MP3 players to online radio stations like Pandora to music streaming websites like Spotify and Soundcloud, we have been on quite an innovating adventure.[...]

Most people might have heard the story about the guy at Coachella caught with a backpack full of stolen cell phones. If you’re a festival goer, this is like your worst nightmare. It doesn’t stop there, as there[...]

KAMALUNG - My Boy (Lush & Simon Remix) KAMALUNG is a UK artist still rising in our dance community but here at EDMTunes we have our sights set on new and upcoming talents and KAMALUNGS newest song is[...]

Google already has a great reputation for being a strong team of innovators. After bringing us the world’s largest Internet search engine they have brought us even more technology to make life easier like Google Maps, Google Play[...]

Everyone’s favorite house label is bringing us another fun event this time in the form of an Easter egg hunt. Dirtybird records always has new ideas on how to keep their fans involved and on Saturday April 15th,[...]

Armin van Buuren, being the good guy he is, has decided to hold an all-ages event to show his younger fans his newest creation, “The Best of Armin Only”. The artist has a large show planned for the Amsterdam[...]

Tributes Pour in for Spotify's Chris Bevington The reach of terrorism is becoming much too obvious lately, despite the efforts of some outlets to hide it. It seems like nonstop we are hearing about attacks all across the[...]

Working with technology is at the foundation of DJing. They are dependent on their computer and equipment more than anything to produce an perform music. With that in mind, “technical difficulties” are definitely a possibility every time a DJ[...]

Insomniac has many different festivals across the globe, one of them being Beyond Wonderland, which they are now taking down to Mexico. Latin America has received more and more Insomniac activity over the years with other events like[...]

The BPM festival Is heading to Europe for the first time ever and will take place at Praia da Rocha, Portugal from September 14th to September 17th. Most people in the dance community had heard about the tragic[...]

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music streaming

The music industry has changed drastically over the last 15 years. With the introduction of MP3 players to online radio stations like Pandora...

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