Don Burgundy

Milk was a bad choice.

Despite the reputation in the dance music community, music festivals and clubs have a 0 tolerance policy for drugs. This obviously clashes a bit with some of the festival-goers, especially at a big festival like EDC. Needless to[...]

Unfortunately one of the realities today of the rave festival world is that occasionally there are deaths reported. They are caused by various reasons with drug use being one of the most common, but for EDC LV the[...]

While all eyes were on EDC Las Vegas, Eric Prydz performed at the Sonar festival in Barcelona Spain. This set didn't have 10 minutes of fireworks, but it had 90 minutes of euphoria. He kicked it off with[...]

Ultra Music Festival continues its worldwide domination with its latest stop in Singapore. Along with holding their festival on June 10th to 11th at Ultra Park, 1 Bayfront Avenue in Singapore they will be live streaming the event.[...]

More news is out in the Fyre Festival debacle. If you have not heard yet the Fyre Festival was supposed to be an upscale luxurious music festival in the Caribbean. It turned out to be a nightmare and[...]

Festival season is here, but for many of America's South so is rainy season. Even with all our efforts and patience, sometimes things just happen. In Houston, Texas mother nature decided to create a chaotic situation with a[...]

DJ Mag, known for its controversial 'Top 100 DJs' poll, is holding a new competition for its North American readers. For those of you who love complaining about the publication's main poll, here is your chance to make your voice heard.[...]

Twitter has turned into a digital battleground between celebrities and you can add Calvin Harris to that list, knowing Deadmau5 has not only been on that list forever but probably started it. Calvin made a post on twitter[...]

If you have ever been partying in California late night, at a club or maybe a festival, you have probably learned of its 2am last call law and you might have learned the hard way. Depending on where you[...]

The annual Global Drug Survey, prepared by the GDS Core research team, is prepared to get an idea on drug production and use around the world. Their findings, especially in regards to the drug ecstasy, are very interesting. They[...]

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Eric Prydz' EPIC 5.0 blew us away only a few weeks ago. Now, he's debuted a completely one-of-a-kind show for Hï Ibiza...

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