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Milk was a bad choice.

If you haven’t been following the story a little after EDCLV this year Pasquale Rotella of Insomniac made a statement that he has been doing some thinking and will be making some changes for EDC Las Vegas going forward.[...]

The American Addiction Centers conducted a study that revealed to us that in the UK only 40.5% of ecstasy pills had any trace of MDMA in them. It is alarming to know that over half of pills in[...]

Blue Tesla Pills Could Be Laced Along with dance music, culture comes drug culture, because of how common it is to see drugs like ecstasy at dance events. While this inevitably has bad results it does sometimes bring[...]

You were probably on the edge of your seat today thinking Soundcloud might be gone by tomorrow, and the situation was truly that dire. Thankfully, Soundcloud closed the necessary funding to stay afloat. In addition, CEO Alex Ljung[...]

After already opening to a series of great events, Printworks in London is coming back with more music. The 5,000 capacity venue has just announced 3 day-to-night events starting October 7th with the Issue 002 opening party. Featured at that[...]

If Music Festivals Were Honest Music festivals have come into style and grown bigger and bigger the past few years. While the general purpose of bringing live music to thousands of viewers remains the same, the size and[...]

Ecstasy and many drugs are popular in the dance music world so it is not a surprise to us when we hear some of the stories that come along with them. But hearing about ecstasy being involved with[...]

Every year the popular Mixmag lets readers to vote online for the record label they think has been the most impactful over the last decade. The last 10 years have been big for dance music, with so much[...]

Spotify Has Literally Turned The Volume Down Spotify is one of the more prominent streaming services with the high-quality audio it provides and its accessibility. Even though their sound quality has remained the same, people have noticed one[...]

Soundcloud hasn’t been in great shape lately after announcing they basically did not have enough money to last much longer without help. While some some users may view this as tragic,  others view this as an opportunity to[...]

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Where The Sea Swings In Like An Iron Gate - Kidnap Kid Kidnap Kid, aka Matt Relton, is famous for his deep and...

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