Don Burgundy

Milk was a bad choice.

In the ever-growing world of electronic music, new DJs are popping up left and right and they come from every corner of the world and also every age group. One of the biggest on the scene right now, Martin[...]

Eric Prydz | EPIC Radio #21 Once again, Eric Prydz has left us in awe with another one of his bi-monthly radio shows. Like last time, he mainly fills the show with some of his favorite songs from other[...]

Facebook is looking to continue to build its empire and expand its vast reach within the online world by getting its hands on the music/video streaming industry. Though YouTube has been the main source online for music and videos for years as numerous[...]

Space Ibiza recently shut down after being taken over by Ushuaia and the Matutes Group and it looks like their plan for the location's future is coming into place with Martin Garrix set to begin a residency there. The[...]

Superstar Steve Aoki has been around for a while, so most people know not just his name, but his music too. We also all know how wild his shows can get from the energy he brings on stage[...]

We have learned that David Guetta has officially signed with Scooter Braun's SB Projects. The management company is also home to other big acts like Martin Garrix and Justin Bieber. It is reported he will still work with his old[...]

Before venturing into the world of electronic music, Skrillex used to be in a rock band. Its name was From First To Last and before Sonny got started as Skrillex, they had released a couple albums, gained some popularity and then[...]

The online music streaming fad has grown in the past few years especially with the rise of EDM. Providers give accessible tunes to not just the general public for their listening pleasure but also to musicians and DJs[...]

In the modern world, social media websites have much more power and influence than we ever thought they would. What started out with just a few websites like Myspace has grown into a phenomenon that artists, companies and[...]

Eric Prydz | EPIC Radio #20 Eric Prydz brings us another radio show this week that we won't be forgetting. Performing under his Cirez D alias is common for him now, but this week, he ditched all his[...]

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Calvin Harris has not been secretive with his upcoming collaboration with Migos and Frank Ocean. In fact, he has been very open about...

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