Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter Releases ‘Chiroptera’, Debuts In Paris

The Electronic music maestro, Thomas Bangalter, co-founder of the iconic Daft Punk, has just released the highly anticipated ‘Chiroptera‘ soundtrack. This release marks yet another milestone in Bangalter’s illustrious solo career, showcasing his innovative prowess and deep artistic vision. The soundtrack was created in collaboration with artist JR and choreographer Damien Jalet. It was brought to life by 154 dancers in the forecourt of the Paris Opera House on November 12, 2023. Now, the music is available digitally, with a vinyl edition set for release on August 30th, currently up for pre-order.

‘Chiroptera’: A Sonic Journey

The ‘Chiroptera’ soundtrack is a testament to Bangalter’s unique approach to Electronic music. This digital release offers a glimpse into the elaborate soundscapes crafted for the performance. For those eager for more, the expansive ‘Chiroptera Matiere Premiere’ provides an extended auditory experience. Nevertheless, it clocks in at nearly six hours. This extended version encompasses the preparatory music composed for the project, offering fans an immersive journey through Bangalter’s creative process. Available now on all streaming platforms, ‘Chiroptera Matiere Premiere’ is also available as a 10xLP vinyl record box set. Additionally, this limited edition consists of 200 numbered and signed copies. This can be exclusively found at Galerie Perrotin in Paris and on the Atelier JR webshop.

Vinyl Collectors Rejoice

Vinyl enthusiasts have reason to celebrate as the ‘Chiroptera’ soundtrack will see a physical release on August 30th. The pressed edition is a must-have for collectors and fans of Bangalter’s work. It embodies the tactile and auditory richness that only vinyl can offer. Moreover, pre-orders are live, so fans are encouraged to secure their copies now.

‘Aletheia 19’: A Sonic Installation

In tandem with the soundtrack release, Bangalter introduces ‘Aletheia 19‘, a groundbreaking sound installation. Additionally, this piece, part of JR’s fourth exhibition at Galerie Perrotin in Paris, features nineteen monophonic microgrooves cut on vinyl. They are being presented in simultaneous unsynchronized playback. ‘Aletheia 19’ is a continuation of the themes explored in ‘Chiroptera’. All together, they offer an experimental and reflective auditory experience. Additionally, this installation is available for viewing at Espace Saint-Claude from June 7th until June 15th. Above all, it promises a unique encounter with Bangalter’s avant-garde sound design.


Lastly, Thomas Bangalter continues to push the boundaries of Electronic music and sound art with his latest projects. Furthermore, the ‘Chiroptera’ soundtrack and ‘Aletheia 19’ installation are both a testament to his artistic versatility and a celebration of his enduring impact on the music industry. In conclusion, whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to his work, these releases offer a captivating glimpse into the mind of a true musical pioneer. Be sure to check them out online, or in person. Enjoy!

Thomas Bangalter – CHIROPTERA | STREAM