Freqish Unveils Tasty Two-Tracker, ‘Come Together Now / The Abyss’

Here’s a genre-bender EP that will have you deciding between dancing with the lights on or off.

Happy Friday! Friday, with “F” as in “New Tunes”. No, not quite. But “F” as in “Freqish“, and that one works flawlessly. We’re excited to share a frankly delicious EP, coming to you from one of Dance Music’s veteran acts. Right from the bat, you know something interesting awaits — and you’d be absolutely correct.


For Brandon Lee, Dance music is a language that transcends words and worlds, using vibrations to reach the deepest fibres of our being. With over two decades of experience as a DJ, producer, engineer, and label owner, he launched the Freqish project in 2020. His debut track, ‘Let’s Get High‘, smashed onto the scene, topping the Beatport Deep House charts and landing in the Top 100 overall.

His largest pride is how much dedication and soul he puts into each of his projects. And that statement shines through when you listen to his catalogue. And you’d be in luck if that’s your aim today, for Freqish has just unveiled a new EP to the world: the union of two belters, ‘Come Together Now‘ and ‘The Abyss‘.

Come Together Now / The Abyss

A daring release which brings back some old while splashing some new into the equation, Come Together Now / The Abyss is Freqish’s latest, available now via Doc Brown’s imprint, Unlearn:Records. These two pieces could very well earn the title of genre-bender, for all we know.

The first out of the pair, ‘Come Together Now‘, stands out due to its groove nature, yet with a tense expression, very much like the 2015-and-older Progressive House you’d hear acts like Axwell and AN21 play back then. With pure House notes such as the vocal sample pairing with the slightly crunchy Acid bassline and the lack of 2-and-4 percussion from the get-go, this one will serve as the peak energy moment in sets, we bet.

Its counterpart, ‘The Abyss‘, acts as a more theoretically-accurate take on Tech House. Minimalistic, sober, oomphy and energetic, the B-side of this EP makes excellent use of each and every element featured throughout the duration, combining classic machine percussion with full basslines and the occasional melodic signal, made to keep the flame alive and well.

Listen to Frequish’s gigantic two-tracker, Come Together Now / The Abyss, by hitting the ‘Play’ button on your Spotify player attached below. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to visit this link to support the release on your platform of choice. And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and views from our beloved Dance music world.