Enhanced Music Unveils New HQ Admist 15 Year Anniversary

We are no strangers to Enhanced Music, the premier dance music company recently celebrated its 15th anniversary. To mark this milestone, they have introduced their new London headquarters in Exmouth Market, Farringdon.

New Headquarters

The new HQ is not just an office space, it’s a game-changer. Spread across two floors, it boasts three cutting edge recording studios and a dedicated live-streaming space for the acclaimed Enhanced Sessions radio show. DJ/Producer Faris, the label’s A&R, will be broadcasting Enhanced Sessions weekly. The studios are purpose-built to meet the needs of producers and are equipped with top-of-the-line gear, including Dynamic monitors, Neumann microphones, Neve preamps, Native Instruments 88-key weighted keyboards, Prism Audio interfaces, and more. With a plug-and-play setup for seamless integration and a high-quality recording environment, this marks a pivotal moment as we embark on a new era for Enhanced Music.

Enhanced Music has taken an exciting step forward by partnering with Sony Music Publishing. This is aiming to provide songwriters with unparalleled resources and writing camps to foster creativity and produce even higher-quality music. The new headquarters will house its four renowned labels: Enhanced Recordings, Enhanced Progressive, Colorize, and Enhanced Chill. These labels have been pivotal to the company’s success, delivering millions of streams, downloads, and chart-topping hits from artists like Estiva, Marsh, and Tritonal. This new HQ space will drive the growth of Enhanced’s publishing division, underscoring the company’s unwavering commitment to supporting its artists on all fronts.

Celebration Of 15 Years Of Success

The 15th anniversary of Enhanced Music marks a pivotal moment, highlighting their profound influence in the dance music industry. Their triumphant take-over shows at ADE, Miami Music Week, and other premier events have left a lasting impact. The recent milestone celebration on May 3rd, coincided with the 750th episode of Enhanced Sessions. They featured electrifying guest mixes from Amy Wiles, Darren Tate, Estival, and Jesabel. Additionally, Colorize’s successful event at Hackney’s Colour Factory signifies a new and thrilling chapter for Enhanced Music.

These developments are propelling Enhanced toward a commanding presence in key markets, including Europe, the US, and the UK. The upgraded facilities aim to not only attract new, exceptional talent but also to provide unparalleled support to their roster of talented artists. This expansion offers artists the creative space to produce high-quality music without additional costs. The founder of Enhanced Music is brimming with excitement for this exciting new venture.

We’re thrilled to open our new office and studios in London. We’ve been on a great run
over the last few years and it’s been a long time dream to have a creative hub for our
artists, so to now realise that dream feels like a huge moment for us and I believe this
important next step in our evolution will help propel us forward again.

Enhanced Music Founder/Director Will Holland

EDMTunes congratulates Enhanced Music on this achievement and as fans of their brilliant music are excited to witness their evolution.