Diplo Reveals $100m Mansion In Jamaica

Diplo took to Instagram to unveil a very special place to him. He penned a heartfelt message to the world showing off his beautiful $100m mansion in Jamaica. The tropical oasis is stunning in photos and you can see where he got his inspiration from for Major Lazer and more projects.

While on horseback, he states it was purchased for his 18 children. Yes, I too am just learning he has 18 children. Very Bob Marley of him. Diplo believes this house and creative space is the greatest project he has ever worked on. The island of Jamaica has given him so much inspiration for dancehall and beyond.

He mentions how they rescued horses and planted sweet potatoes and pineapples. The private jungle home has served as a refuge for him and he hopes it can continue to inspire other artists. Architectural Digest dived into the home and I highly recommend watching the video below.

Diplo’s undertook the ambitious project by first buying 50 acres of land. Diplo assembled an inspired team of artists to help bring his vision to life over the next 10 years. The years of work have resulted in an indoor-outdoor concrete villa clinging to the lush hillside. Bridges, trellises, and breezeways connect the space, allowing the jungle to weave into the home as if one. He had this to say:

“This project was all about patience. There were so many ways that it could have failed, but we kept finding solutions. I thought that, if nothing else, at least I own a bunch of banana trees.”