D.O.D and Ina Wroldsen Team Up for Trance-Inspired ‘Paradise’

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: Armada Music

D.O.D has once again provided another wonderful track in the form of ‘Paradise’, which has Ina Wroldsen provide the vocal support that gives the track a euphoric vibe. The track, available via the world-famous Armada Music label, has steady, upbeat basslines, that flows perfectly alongside the trance-like synths that also gives the track a potential to become a summertime hit single of 2024. The release of ‘Paradise’ marks another spectacular collaboration between the two artists after they teamed up on the dance-pop banger that is ‘Won’t Forget You’, which came out on September 2023 and also featured the equally phenomenal Jax Jones as a collaborator.

The beats of D.O.D match well with the stunning vocals of Ina Wroldsen on ‘Paradise’

The house beat that D.O.D has become famous for really connects well with the dreamy and soothing vocals of Ina Wroldsen. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link below to jam out to ‘Paradise’, a track that is a good example of what house and trance sounds like when both genres matched in perfect synth. Last but not least, check out the BandsInTown link of the tour dates and locations of where the U.K. house producer will provide his spectacular music craftsmanship at.

Paradise D.O.D and Ina Wroldsen
Image Courtesy: Armada Music