Yotto – Heartbeat

Finnish DJ and producer Yotto, has garnered acclaim in the electronic music scene for his distinctive fusion of deep house and melodic techno. His compositions possess a mesmerizing quality that captivates audiences, offering an immersive experience that is simultaneously elevating and contemplative. In his latest release, ‘Heartbeat,’ Yotto continues to redefine the parameters of electronic music, presenting a composition that is both pioneering and deeply evocative.

‘Heartbeat’ serves as a conduit, transporting its audience to a realm where music transcends mere auditory stimulation, becoming a visceral sensation that courses through one’s being, igniting the heart with each pulsation. The track features infectious melodies and rhythmic cadences, emblematic of Yotto’s talent for crafting music that not only incites physical movement but also resonates with the soul.

Upon the commencement of ‘Heartbeat,’ the listener is enveloped by its ethereal allure. The throbbing bassline establishes a framework for a journey through strata of glistening synths and intricate percussive elements. Each facet of the composition is meticulously sculpted, resulting in a sonic landscape that is dynamic and immersive. Yotto’s meticulous attention to detail is palpable in every measure, with each auditory element thoughtfully placed to evoke a spectrum of emotions in the listener

About Yotto

Otto Yliperttula, born on October 8, 1986, is a Finnish DJ, songwriter, and record producer known professionally by his stage name, Yotto. Currently residing in Helsinki, Finland, Yotto is signed to an English deep house label, Anjunadeep. Yotto gained attention with a series of remixes and originals that caught the ear of Anjunadeep label boss, James Grant. Described as “a man of many sounds” by Billboard and “an experimental house talent” by Dancing Astronaut, he produces a variety of styles within the house music genre and sometimes other forms of electronic music.

In addition to his own solo releases and releases on Joris Voorn‘s Green Recordings, Yliperttula has collaborated with other DJs and producers such as Above & Beyond, Coldplay, M83, London Grammar, Rüfüs, Lane 8, and Super8 & Tab. Yotto has also worked with his younger brother, who performed vocals on tracks like ‘Wonderin under the alias Caps. He released his debut album, Hyperfall, through Anjunadeep in 2018.