Ultra Food Vendors Still Seeking Payment from a Subcontractor

Several months have passed since the Ultra Music Festival’s conclusion, yet a group of nearly 20 vendors report they are still awaiting payment. These vendors, who provided services at the festival, claim they have not received compensation from a California-based subcontractor responsible for their hiring.

Among the affected is Larry Galper, owner of the Pizzella food truck, known for its pizza pies. Galper expressed that the opportunity to earn substantial revenue over the festival’s three-day span was exceptional for a food truck business. Pizzella boasted sales of approximately $10,000 during the event.

Galper described the experience as “awesome,” but the post-festival period has been marred by financial uncertainty. According to him, none of the vendors involved have received their due earnings. He clarified that the responsibility does not lie with the Ultra Music Festival organizers but with the subcontracting vendor company from California. The contract issued by this company promised payment within 30 business days from April 2nd.

The delay has caused concern among the vendors, some of whom have previously worked with the festival and were accustomed to receiving payment within two weeks. Despite reaching out to the subcontractor, the only response received was an assurance that the matter was being addressed.

The vendors, including Galper, are now appealing to the Ultra Music Festival to intervene. They hope the festival will step in and assist in resolving the payment delays.

Best Beverage Catering or the Worst?

Rodney Brown, co-proprietor of the vegan food truck Plant Minage, reported to Miami New Times that he received a call last Thursday evening, May 16. The caller presented himself as an associate of Ultra and Best Beverage.

The caller proposed that Ultra would settle the payment. However, this would require Brown to agree not to engage with the media. Brown and his business partner decided to decline, sensing something amiss.

Galper, another vendor, expressed a desire to avoid conflict, hoping that Ultra would intervene and facilitate a resolution.

By Saturday afternoon, Galper communicated via text that the matter had been settled and was no longer an issue.

However, he remained unresponsive to further inquiries and did not confirm whether payment was received or if he signed an NDA

Best Beverage Catering, the vending company in question, has not provided a comment on the situation. This is certainly an unfortunate situation as this year marked Galper’s inaugural participation in the Ultra Music Festival.