Sony Music Group Demands AI Training Firms Seek Permission

Sony Music Group is cracking down on Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies using its copyrighted content without permission. They sent formal letters to over 700 AI firms, banning the use of their music, lyrics, and artwork for text or data mining, web scraping, or AI training. Sony stresses that “innovation must ensure that songwriters’ and recording artists’ rights, including copyrights, are respected.” They want AI to enhance creativity, not replace it, so that artists get the recognition and compensation they deserve.

Under the EU AI Act, copyright owners must publicly opt out if they do not want their content used for AI training. Sony has already issued nearly 10,000 takedown notices for unauthorized AI-generated content using its music. Sony argues that the tech industry often has a “distorted view” of copyright, treating music as fair game for training AI without permission or compensation. This undermines the value of creative works and the rights of creators. Website Launched

In their letter, Sony outlined principles for responsible AI development, emphasizing that AI should support, not replace, human creators. The company is urging Congress to adopt these principles, setting a standard for ethical AI use in the industry. Recently, major labels launched to protect copyrights and warn tech firms against unlicensed music use. It serves as a resource for understanding the legal landscape and the importance of protecting intellectual property in the AI era.

It’s a brave new world — stay updated on AI advancements in order to protect your art.