Skrillex, Hamdi & Taichu Fuse Energy For New Track ‘Push’

Brace yourselves, bassheads! Skrillex, the sonic architect himself, has finally unleashed his long-awaited anthem ‘Push’ alongside club music pioneer Hamdi and the electrifying Argentinian vocalist, Taichu!

Remember that electrifying Jyoty Rinse FM set from last year? The one that sent shockwaves through the EDM world? “Push” was BORN there, a primal scream for the dance floor that’s been tearing up DJ sets ever since.


Skrillex and Hamdi, the undisputed masters of floor-filling frenzy, have woven their magic once again. Imagine a soundscape where minimalist elements intertwine in a hypnotic dance, building tension and release with every beat. This, my friends, is the irresistible call from ‘Push’.

TAICHU, a lyrical sorceress, weaves her playful verses through the sonic tapestry. Her voice soars above the thunderous bassline, shimmering like ethereal synth chords against the backdrop of infectious percussion. It’s the perfect storm of sound, a euphoric journey that captures the chaotic thrill of a night you’ll never forget. The icing on the cake is the mini pause from the wubbleness of the track into a chill deep bridge, just to bring it back into that nasty bass. The results are in, you will throw your back out this summer.

“Push” isn’t just a song; it’s a sonic invitation. An invitation to lose yourself in the rhythm, to surrender to the pulsating energy, and to dance until the break of dawn. Get ready to hit repeat, because Skrillex, Hamdi, and TAICHU have delivered a dance floor masterpiece that will have you pushing your limits and soaring to new heights of sonic bliss!


Sonny Moore, widely known as Skrillex, is a musical maestro from Los Angeles, boasting a diverse array of talents as a record producer, DJ, musician, singer, and songwriter. With an impressive collection of 8 Grammy Awards, he stands as the electronic artist with the most Grammys to his name, and MTV crowned him Electronic Dance Music Artist of the Year. Skrillex’s artistic journey is marked by groundbreaking collaborations with avant-garde voices in music, showcasing his commitment to pushing boundaries. His recent projects feature an eclectic lineup, including Fred again.., Four Tet, Bladee, Yung Lean, Missy Elliot, Kid Cudi, Chief Keef, and others, illustrating his ability to traverse diverse genres and styles.

The unpredictability of his releases and the sheer innovation embedded in his music reaffirm that Skrillex’s creative journey is far from reaching its conclusion. With each new endeavor, Skrillex continues to shape and elevate the very fabric of contemporary music. Skrillex, a name synonymous with Grammy excellence and musical innovation, propels the industry forward with every surprising twist in his sonic narrative. (source)


Hamdi is an exciting prospect for any label to get their hands on. Hamdi’s signature blend of Dubstep, UKG and Grime has earned him support from some of the biggest artists in the world. The roster includes Skrillex, Knife Party, Fred Again.., Zeds Dead and Porter Robinson. Closer to home, Hamdi has consistently received support from the UK underground scene’s most prestigious acts. This include DJ EZ, Skream, Sherelle and Mala. His track ‘Skanka‘ has taken the world by storm and was arguably one of the biggest Dubstep tracks of 2022. Consequently, DJ Mag wrote that ‘Skanka’ has already proven its staying power and firmly cemented its place as a modern classic.’ (source)


Ever since she was a little girl, Tais López Miranda aka Taichu knew she wanted to be a musician. At just 22 years old, the Argentinian singer has more than 450,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Moreover, she has collaborated on the projects of our artists Juicy BAE and Aleesha. A few months ago she gave us a preview of some of the tracks that would form part of her new album RAWR! and now it’s out. We tell you all the details of the new album.

The original from Buenos Aires has become an artist ready to change everything. The artist has captivated us with her musical versatility. And thus, moving through different genres and demonstrating that music is the true protagonist of her life. (source)