Reinier Zonneveld & Kiki Solvej Unite On New Progressive Tune, ‘Time’


The techno scene is buzzing with excitement over the latest masterpiece, ‘Time’, a collaboration that sees Reinier Zonneveld and Kiki Solvej venturing into uncharted waters. Released under the renowned label Filth on Acid, ‘Time’ marks a significant departure from the duo’s usual pounding techno anthems. This track is a captivating journey into the realms of progressive beats mingled with trance-like melodies, setting a new benchmark for what we might expect from these trailblazing artists in the future.

A Symphony of Serenity and Depth

Firstly, stepping away from the intense energy characteristic of their previous works, Zonneveld and Solvej explore a softer, more introspective side in ‘Time’. What makes this track particularly mesmerizing is Kiki Solvej’s ethereal vocals. They weave seamlessly into the fabric of the music, creating an enchanting layer that elevates the hypnotic atmosphere to new heights. This delicate vocal touch invites listeners to step into a serene soundscape, drifting along with each beat.

Lose Yourself to the Rhythm

The irresistible rhythm of ‘Time’ doesn’t just beckon; it envelops you in its dreamy ambiance, urging you to let go of reality and surrender to the flow of the music. It’s a song that doesn’t just play; it transports, making listeners feel as though they are floating through the very essence of time itself. With its compelling blend of soft yet powerful beats and a dream-like quality, ‘Time’ is not just heard; it’s experienced.

Lastly, this track is a testament to the evolving nature of electronic music and the endless possibilities when artists step out of their comfort zones. ‘Time’ by Reinier Zonneveld and Kiki Solvej isn’t just a song; it’s a portal to another dimension where time slows down and music reigns supreme. In conclusion, ‘Time’ is streaming below, enjoy!

Reinier Zonneveld, Kiki Solvej – Time | STREAM