Mojave Grey & Moonshine Forge Genre-Bending Gem ‘Just Begun’

Just Begun,’ is a groundbreaking genre bending collaboration between American electronic act Mojave Grey and Swedish DJ duo Moonshine.

The story begins back in 2023, when the Moonshine brothers, Oliver Simic and Victor Simic, stumbled upon Mojave Grey’s unique rock-infused electronic sound. Totally blown away, they reached out, sparking a year-long creative quest. With a clear vision and a fresh perspective on electronic music, Oliver and Victor guided the project. This fresh outlook not only birthed a new sound for Mojave Grey, but also sent them back to their artistic roots.

Zander Bleck, Mojave Grey’s vocalist, unleashes his impressive range on ‘Just Begun,’ channeling the power he honed touring with Lady Gaga. Meanwhile, Michael Pozzi’s guitar mastery shines through, weaving a tapestry of melody and electrifying riffs that propel the song forward. Moonshine’s production expertise completes the masterpiece, blending raw energy with crisp detail. ‘Just Begun’ is a testament to the magic that happens when artists embrace their individuality while fearlessly exploring new sonic landscapes.

Check it out below and enjoy!