Light Up Your Evening With Jono Stephenson’s ‘Midnight Sun’ Ft. Haptic

It’s that time of the week in which we embark in a celestial soundscape. South African, LA-based producer Jono Stephenson return to Purified Records with ‘Midnight Sun’ feat. Australian musician Haptic. Shall we fade into this surrealistic evening sunlight?

‘Midnight Sun’

Known for deep, melodic, and beautiful grooves, Purified Records remains one of the strongest labels for progressive and melodic House and Techno. ‘Midnight Sun’ joins the ranks as one of the most powerful tracks this year. A major event was Nora en Pure playing it at Ultra Music Festival in Miami in marc. Thus, it remains as one of the highlights of her performance. The track captivates this specifically serene energy that soothes the senses. Moreover, the vocals from Australian artist Haptic ride the melody with a mix of deep and higher pitches. Moreover, The complex structure of the song somehow feels light. A track as cohesive and pretty as this one will truly own this summer season.

Jono Stephenson

Born and raised in South Africa, Jono fell in love with all things music at a young age. His mother helped show him a side to music most people never experience. Jono drove toward the electronic music industry, and he has established himself. Not only is he an incredibly talented artist, but also the founder of his own music label, promotions and events company, and clothing line.

Credit: Chris Frara Studio

Jono isn’t just talented, he’s infused with creative fire. You can feel his passion in every booming bassline, driving beat, and meticulously crafted arrangement – whether he’s weaving magic in the world of melodic techno or deep house. This same infectious energy spills over into his top-notch clothing line, proving he pours his heart and soul into everything he touches.

Jono’s musical journey is nothing short of impressive. His tracks have been streamed over 670,000 times by fans around the globe, and his debut release hit the jackpot, landing features in 6 coveted Spotify and Apple Music editorial playlists. The love doesn’t stop there – both giants continue to support his blossoming record label. Add to that a scorching remix for Universal and releases on labels helmed by industry legends Mark Tarmonea and Matchy, and you’ve got a recipe for serious musical cred.

The icing on the cake? Ibiza Spotlight, a tastemaker publication, featured Jono’s “Arctic Safari” in their top tracks of the month. Now that’s what you call a bright future in the sonic spotlight! (source)

The LA based DJ has spent the last couple years honing his craft. From Zamna Records to Purified Records, Stephenson continues to impress industry leaders, such as Fideles, Eelke Kleijn and Nora en Pure. As his tracks continue to impact the main stages such as Ultra Miami, we expect bigger and better things for Jono Stephenson.

Don’t go to sleep yet, you will miss out on the ‘Midnight Sun’…