Kaskade Played Out a Ton of Unreleased Tracks this Past Weekend at EDC Las Vegas

This past weekend, hundreds of thousands gathered in Las Vegas for the annual EDC weekend festivities. With all the biggest dance music artists in town, there’s always so much to partake in but there is no doubt that the EDC festival itself is the centerpiece to it all. This year’s lineup may have been one of the best lineup of talents yet and amongst them all legendary DJ and producer Kaskade is always one of the main attractions.

Kaskade has been a long time performer at EDC Las Vegas and has been atop the mainstage of the festival for many consecutive years now. After every performance, Kaskade usually uploads his full set to YouTube or Soundcloud so that fans who were in attendance could relive the euphoric experience as well as fans who could not make it to the festival can partake in it’s magic. This year however, following the conclusion of the festival, Kaskade announced that he will not be uploading his set this time. The reason for not uploading this year is because his set was simply filled with too many unreleased/unfinished tracks. He mentioned on his Instagram Story that some of the music will likely be released as early as this Summer. He closes out his statement by promising to upload other live sets later this year.

While fans initial reaction to this may be disappointment, it is certain very exciting to hear that Kaskade has been very busy in the studios and we are on the verge of a ton of new music. For everyone who was lucky enough to be in attendance, you guys got the first listen while the rest of us will be patiently waiting for another opportunity to experience his music. Check out below for Kaskade’s Instagram Story post.