John Summit Partners with Bose to Celebrate his Passion for Music

John Summit partners with Bose to launch the all-new SoundLink Max Portable Speaker. In multiple digital spots featuring his latest track, ‘Go Back‘ with Sub Focus and Julia Church, Summit shares with fans everywhere why he obsesses over music. And how important great audio is to him and its importance in bringing the energy up – whether for an intimate gathering with 10 friends or crowds of thousands.   

Bose chose to collaborate with Summit because of a deep, shared passion for music, his dedication to making a new song every day, and the unforgettable, entertaining experiences he curates for fans. With his contagious energy, devotion to his craft, and keen understanding of his audience, John’s grown from commanding parties to commanding crowds. And as someone obsessed with music, he values sound quality above all. The Bose SoundLink Max Speaker allows him to hear the intricate details and deep bass in his music with the power needed to match his energy. For John, whether he’s vibing with friends or performing at the biggest festivals in the world, nothing compares to the swell of shared energy that starts when the beat drops

“Sound is everything to me and it’s everything to Bose. The brand shares my love for music, so it was an easy decision to collaborate, especially on this speaker,” said Summit. “The Max has outrageous sound and super deep bass – and as long as you have bass, that’s what gets the party going and the energy up. From city to city, this speaker rarely leaves my side. I hear every intricate detail on it and all the bass I need to listen to my music clearly.”

The Bose SoundLink Max is available in Black and Blue Dusk beginning today for $399.

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