Jason Ross And Kill The Noise Channel Their Iconic Signature Sounds In ‘Under Pressure’

Jason Ross is back in the iconic label Ophelia imprint with the release of his latest single ‘Under Pressure’, this time together with DJ and producer Kill The Noise, blending the best of their styles. Following Jason’s singles ‘No Tomorrow‘ and ’21’ and Kill’s ‘Feel The Vibe’ and ‘Make It Wobble’, this track weaves through groovy Progressive beats, Melodic Bass, and Trance-inspired breakdowns with the melodic vocals by Sarah de Warren. Available now on your favorite platform.

We can’t doubt that Jason Ross is one of Dance music’s premier acts, while being one of the scene’s more elusive representatives. An essential characteristic of the producer is to leave the public in expectation at all times, due to the immense versatility in each of his productions. This new track is no exception. Once again, the producer presents his diverse range of production skills while jumping between Ophelia and Anjunabeats as if it were nothing. He handles different genres and mixes, mashing them to obtain results that place him on top of the uplifting and melodic side of Bass music and Trance.

Although he is not the only artist shining this time. Kill The Noise is also one of the leading acts in Electronic music, having worked consistently with artists such as Dillon Francis, deadmau5, AWOLNATION, and Skrillex. In 2022, Kill The Noise made his return with EMBRACE, his sophomore album and first in seven years. The album was accompanied by Kill The Noise’s 27-city tour to promote the record. We can’t forget classics like ‘The Blood’, ‘Horizon’, and ‘Returning To You’.

Jason Ross Kill The Noise under pressure

At the same time, we cannot ignore the great work that Sarah de Warren has done in the last few years. She is a regular collaborator with artists such as Kaskade, Mike Perry, and Excision. Her voice is synonymous with a work of excellent quality that will elevate our senses to the highest level, something that precedes what awaits us when listening to the collaboration.

Ripe with emotion, most of them related to anger and anxiety — much like the title can underline us before giving a listening —, ‘Under Pressure’ waves “hi” with a beautiful instrumental synth pattern that grows into a Melodic Dubstep stomper, and is primed to cover the global dancefloor this summer. It delivers a starkly uplifting track that completely allows the sounds and composition to take control of your senses. The beginning is ominous, building up through the first verse before Kill The Noise steps in with a healthy dose of Dubstep about a minute in, although later it eases the energy with a melodic atmosphere and Sarah’s charming vocals.

We honestly get so lost listening to this track. The fusion of contrasting production styles works so well in this song. You can listen to Jason Ross, Kill The Noise, and Sarah de Warren’s ‘Under Pressure‘ below!