Hot Since 82 Opens Up About Attempted Kidnaping In Brazil

Hot Since 82 took to Instagram to provide an update on a terrible and scary situation in Brazil. The British DJ had just finished a show and left the venue at 5 AM. They were being followed by a gang with guns attempting to track him down. He claims “We’d been set up” as the gang knew exactly when they were leaving and what car they would be in.

Left the club at 5am, still dark, ten minutes into the car journey to the airport we have been followed and pursued by a gang of jackers, murderers, I don’t know what they are, wearing AK47s.”

He sadly announced he would be canceling the rest of his shows and festival appearances at Time Warp and Warung in Brazil. Luckily for him and us, he had one of the best drivers you could have. The driver went to the other side of the road and began weaving in and out of traffic at 60-70 MPH. This did not stop the gang from continuing to pursue Hot Since 82 and his crew.

Luckily, they finally escaped and made it to the airport. He stated in his video he is “broken inside” and he flew home to his wife and children. We can’t believe he was put in this situation and most likely set up as well. We are glad though he is safe and home.