Eli Brown Unveils First Streetwear Collection, ’92 Thing’

Techno phenomenon Eli Brown has yet another label up his sleeve, only this time it’s unlike anything he has released before. Fusing together the worlds of high-frequency sound and high-end design, Eli Brown unveils 92 Thing – a forward-thinking streetwear brand that distills the essence of a seminal year in Dance music history into a contemporary apparel collection. With a limited-run drop of only 200 units (100 per each style) arriving on May 15, the debut of 92 Thing signals the multi-hyphenate DJ and producer’s first serious foray into the fashion realm and offers a testament to his unstoppable drive to carve out his space in popular culture, on his terms. The inaugural 92 Thing drop arrives on May 15, 2024 via 92thing.com. The first capsule collection will include two distinct, heavyweight and oversized T-shirt styles (Gasoline and Cloud) available in sizes XXS – 3XL. Each style will retail for GBP 70 (USD 87.13) while quantities last. For more information refer to the aforementioned site, or to @92_thing on Instagram.

A homage to a famed era of Bristol’s sonic underground — and the inception of the singular artistic vision that is Eli Brown — 92 Thing captures the audacious spirit and style of 1992’s rave scene. With the Techno force at its helm, 92 Thing will come to life as a tangible, effortlessly cool connection to the rebellious innovation of 1992’s electronic revolution, offering a piece of prolific music history woven into the fabric of each garment.

Akin to Eli Brown’s non-conformist approach to music production, the collection is poised to transcend the conventional approach to artist merchandising through a hypebeast-inspired lens. An apparel and lifestyle brand at its core, 92 Thing will blend modern fashion, nostalgic touches and the exclusivity of streetwear culture to offer a covetable range of styles that will be released in limited quantities throughout the year.

I’ve never been one to follow the status quo as I find it to be quite boring – In everything I create, I try to find ways to set myself apart from industry standards and break some boundaries along the way”, said Eli Brown. “I could have gone the traditional merch route, but that just isn’t me. To launch a streetwear collection that embodies my style and captures the essence of the origins that made me into the artist I am today feels like the most authentic way I can connect with my fans. My career was literally born in 1992 in the shadows of Bristol’s underground music scene; Acid House was in its infancy…hardcore was growing…the dance fabric of the UK had really begun. It was a 92 thing, a time of resistance and rebellion, one which continues to inform my production to this day. This brand is meant to encapsulate that spirit in a new, exciting way and I can’t wait to share this new project with music lovers and style savants alike”.

Equal parts a master producer and veritable phenomenon, Eli Brown is a sonic force in a category of his own. Since bursting onto the scene in 2016, the Techno powerhouse’s brooding sound and visceral energy have catapulted him from the UK’s underground to global icon status at meteoritic pace — but you would be remiss to call him an overnight sensation. Boasting a career that spans over two decades, the enigmatic persona is yet another incarnation of the ingenuity, intensity and innovation of the man behind the music. The genesis of Eli Brown’s distinct auditory expression can be found veiled in the shadows of Bristol’s famed clandestine realms, where a passion for subversive soundscapes quickly progressed into an unrelenting obsession with the craft. Balancing self-taught technical mastery with raw instinct, his genre-defying productions capture the rebellious edge that defined the city’s Electronic legacy, while simultaneously forging a new frontier that beckons listeners into the furthest reaches of his own creative depths. Rooted in the sinister, his sophisticated compositions offer a high-frequency exploration of the darkest sonic recesses in a way that resonates with loyal fans and new audiences alike, leaving an indelible mark on the industry as a whole. The visionaire is also the founder of Arcane, a trailblazing imprint championing both emerging and established acts who are similarly bridging the gap between the underground and mainstream worlds.

The launch of 92 Thing comes hot on the heels of a massive few months and a slew of chart-topping releases such as his most recent hit ‘Gasoline’ with Lily Palmer. Brown’s penchant for breaking boundaries has undeniably cemented the DJ, producer and record label head as one of music’s most in-demand names and highest-streamed Techno artists in the world with unprecedented fervor. To date, the multi-hyphenate has amassed a cult-like following with over 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, 254 million cumulative streams and ardent support from industry legends such as Carl Cox, Calvin Harris, Reinier Zonneveld, Adam Beyer and Lily Palmer.