EDMTunes Chats with Tim Clark

The artist known as TIM CLARK has faced a barrage of challenges during his dogged ascent through the peaks and valleys of his journey in the music industry. Faced with daunting odds,  the Las Vegas-based trance/progressive DJ and producer did more than stake his future on a  roll-of-the-dice; he tilted the odds in his favor by adhering to a strict regimen of relentless practice and an obsessive devotion to making and playing music. Being only two years into his quest to make it as a recognized electronic DJ/producer and TIM CLARK’s fireplace mantle boasts not one, but two EDMAwards bestowed upon him by the music industry during this year’s Miami Music Week. Coming off the stages of Zouk Nightclub and EDC Las Vegas and jetting straight to Miami to play E11EVEN with Markus Schulz and HALIENE, TIM CLARK is living  the dream and proof that you create your own reality.  

EDMTunes: Congratulations on winning not one, but two awards at the 2024 EDMAwards! Armin van Buuren went on-the-record about the EDMAwards and that they mean so much to him because they are genuine, fan-voted awards. What does it mean to you? 

TIM CLARK: It’s always good to be recognized. Even though I’ve only been at this a relatively short period of time, I’ve worked extremely hard to be the best I can possibly be. To get to where I want to be, I never back down. 

EDMTunes: You’re based in Las Vegas, one of the top entertainment capitals for EDM in the country. Has this proximity given you an edge? 

TIM CLARK: I’m sure it’s a bit like it is in Miami or New York; there is always a DJ gig you can do at  a bar, club, or mega-club if you know the right people and have the right connections. Whatever edge is in the amount of work that’s possible, but you still have to show-up and play your best, be professional. In Vegas in particular, there is a large community of DJs here which allows you to collaborate with like-minded creatives. Living in Vegas also puts you in an “entertainment” mindset which continually keeps me motivated. 

EDMTunes: Where can music-lovers find you DJ’ing in Las Vegas? At what venues are you playing on a regular basis?  

TIM CLARK: I’m currently playing a weekly Friday night residency at Troy Liquor Bar at The Golden  Nugget in downtown Las Vegas. I play every Friday night during the summer, an afterhours party called “Patio Late Nights,” which the promoters hope is going to be the new afterhours hot-spot in  Vegas. I just played at Zouk Las Vegas inside Resorts World with Duke Dumont. I’ve played in the past at Discopussy and 920 Warehouse. EDC Las Vegas was a lot of fun this year! I was on the Ryno  Bus Stage and I went on right before Rabbit In The Moon. Generally, I only take dates in Vegas when I’m not touring elsewhere in other cities like Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Seattle,  Washington D.C, Fort Lauderdale….or internationally in the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and so  forth. Vegas is a great town to live in, because it’s a city centered around entertainment and everyone comes through here.

EDMTunes: For those not familiar with your style as a DJ/producer, can you please describe  your sound? 

TIM CLARK: I’ve coined my sound ‘underground big room’. It is a mixture of progressive, trance, big room. 

EDMTunes: How has your musical style evolved since you first began DJ’ing professionally? 

TIM CLARK: I’ve had many influences. Being on tour with Markus Schulz has influenced me. As  well, working with Insomniac on my radio show, “Inspire Radio,” that has really steered me in a certain direction. Recently, I feel like I’ve become more mature as my sound has evolved.  

EDMTunes: Name some of the most memorable shows you’ve played as a professional DJ?  What about those events made them memorable for you? 

TIM CLARK: One of the most memorable shows was New Year’s Eve 2023-24 at Avalon Hollywood, in L.A., with Markus Schulz. It was an honor, because Markus Schulz and his team have built that venue up as a must-attend New Year’s Eve destination over the past several years and they always pack-out the venue. It goes from doors-open at around 9:00pm until 8:00am or later the next day; Markus plays his renowned open-to-close sets, so the venue gets a lot of different waves of clubbers throughout the entire event. It was a massive experience playing in front of that crowd! Also, EDC Orlando in 2023 was special for me because that’s the show where I found my festival groove and sound. Everything clicked for me at that show. Before that, E11EVEN Miami in  the summer of 2023 was special, because I was the only other DJ on Markus Schulz’s ‘The Rabbit  Hole Circus’ Tour and that was the first time I’d ever played at a megaclub. Melkweg in Amsterdam during A.D.E. (Amsterdam Dance Event) last October was the first time I’ve ever played in Europe,  so that was an eye-opening experience. 

EDMTunes: How did those shows prime you for the current season? 

TIM CLARK: I just played at EDC Las Vegas for the second time, as well as at E11EVEN Miami for the second time with Markus Schulz and HALIENE. I recently played Soundcheck in Washington D.C.  with Aly&Fila, and at Ora Seattle with MORTEN. Later this year, I’ll be back to Europe during A.D.E.  playing Melkweg Amsterdam, and I just got my first booking in Wroclaw, Poland, at a really sick underground club called Transformator right after A.D.E. I’m getting offers for other international markets in Asia, South America and throughout North America, so my goal right now is to keep honing my sound, releasing new tracks and staying focused. 

EDMTunes: What was the most difficult challenge you’ve had to overcome on your quest to become a recognized DJ? 

TIM CLARK: One of the most difficult challenges was in readying myself to learn how to play at the highest level. I’ve only been at this a relatively short amount of time, so I’ve had a crash-course in how to play festivals and clubs. I had to learn about all the travel required and everything that goes with touring. I learned that being a professional touring DJ is far from easy. I’ve learned that having a large entourage can be a problem, too, not a blessing. 

EDMTunes: What’s the hardest part of the job in your career as a DJ, now? As a producer? 

TIM CLARK: The hardest part of the career has been the constant traveling and being away from my kids. My wife is usually with me, so that’s not a problem. As a producer, I’m in search of my first big hit and those are not easy to write or produce. They come when you least expect it, and that’s what I need in order to get to the next level. I and my team will be working with some major, big league songwriters in the coming months. 

EDMTunes: The music industry is very grueling for anyone who wants to make it big. Were there ever moments where you almost gave-up? What did you seize upon emotionally, mentally or physically to give you the fortitude to carry-on and not quit? 

TIM CLARK: My first year, I probably almost gave up ten times, but there is no greater revenge than success. I would feed on anybody who said something negative to me or who told me I had no chance. It was especially difficult when friends said that. They don’t say that anymore! What people  might not know about me is that when everyone’s telling me I can’t do something, it just pushes me to work harder until I succeed. 

EDMTunes: Looking both back onto your journey thus far, as well as looking forward to where you’re about to go, what stands-out the most in your mind? What words would you like to leave readers with, to give them a lasting impression about TIM CLARK? What’s next for you? 

TIM CLARK: I will always be playing the best clubs and live events in the world, but right now I am focused on putting out a track that is a hit. The lasting impression I want people to remember is: it is never too late to live your dream. If you work hard and stay-the-course, good things will happen.