EddyThron pres. Aloft And Diego Hernan Join Forces On Organic EP, ‘Last Goodbyes’

Here comes a delicious, guitar-characterised two-tracker, just out of the oven.

In a powerful dance music team-up, Diego Hernan and EddyThron have joined forces to release a killer EP. Last Goodbyes is the product of their friendship brought to life through music, and it’s available now on the UK record label, Krafted Digital.

Diego Hernan.

Hailing from Villa Gesell, a small coastal town near Argentina’s capital, Diego Hernan’s music has caught the attention of big names like Nick Warren and Fernando Ferreyra. A master of the guitar, his tracks are known for their string work, often featuring electric guitar riffs and arpeggios.

EddyThron, the other half of ‘Last Goodbyes’, is no stranger to the music scene either. With 2025 marking his 15th year in dance music, he’ll also soon be celebrating the fifth anniversary of founding Aloft, his Organic House project with which he co-produced these Krafted-released tracks.

Last Goodbyes

‘Last Goodbyes’ was born from a guitar riff by Diego, a riff that became the EP’s most unforgettable element. The release blends their signature sounds perfectly, featuring Diego’s strings and, for the first time, EddyThron’s very own sung vocals.


Halfway through last year, while we were chatting Diego told me he was going to have a jamming session”, says Eddy. “Not long after, he sent me that one guitar line, and I started building around it“.

It sounded fabulous, but we figured it was rather empty. That’s when I decided to sing my own vocals to add to it, and it worked!


Diego also shared some words about the release: “This EP is very special, because it took shape with the help of FIIXX, an artist of my city with a unique-sounding Stratocaster guitar. We created the demo and the rest of the elements started falling into place really naturally”.

Last Goodbyes‘ comes in two versions: Organic and Breakbeat. Both mixes showcase the same core elements – Diego’s stellar guitar work and Eddy’s insightful lyrics – but with distinct vibes. In the Organic mix, they interweave in a call-and-response style over a smooth, melodic base perfect for sunset beach sets. The Breakbeat Mix takes a more dance-floor-oriented approach with a glitchy feel and a swifter tempo.

Listen to Diego Hernan & EddyThron pres. Aloft‘s debut collaborative EP, Last Goodbyes, by hitting ‘Play’ on the Spotify player we’ve attached. Also, be sure to head over here to support the release on your platform of choice. And stay tuned to our blog for the latest news and views from our beloved Dance music industry.