D-Block & S-te-Fan And The Prophet Join Forces For ‘Nothing But Rave’

Welcome this weekend with this powerful piece of Hard Dance, crafted just for you, dear raver.

This one is for all the ravers in the place“! In quite the classy clash of veterans, iconic duo D-Block & S-te-Fan and recently retired legend The Prophet have come together to unleash an impressive collaboration, ‘Nothing But Rave‘. This is quite the piece in Hardstyle history, for a duo which has graced the sound of the genre for exactly two decades this year, wrote a collaborative effort alongside the one artist we know as the Godfather of Hardstyle.

D-Block & S-te-Fan.

While D-Block & S-te-Fan have rocked the energy at uncountable major festivals and have consistently ranked in DJ Mag’s Top 100 for the years active, showcasing constant evolution and creative spirit, The Prophet, a true pioneer, brings 35 years of experience and chart-topping hits to the table. The Prophet’s career officially was bid farewell in 2023 with a moving, stellar performance at Defqon.1, the world’s Harder-styles festival by definition.

The duo, touched by that last performance, asked the SCANTRAXX founder to join them in the studio for one final track, to which he agreed. And the single has a deeper meaning to it too, according to its creators. DBSTF comment, “‘Nothing But Rave’ resembles the sound of the early days, when we, as visitors, fell in love with hard dance music and got in touch with The Prophet. We combined the Classic Rave sound with Hardstyle to create a modern-day rave song that turned out amazing.

The Prophet.

And just as excited is Dov himself, who has worked with the guys for over 15 years as part of his imprint’s roster. “Nothing But Rave’ reflects the enduring passion for what you love“, he says. “Contrary to what some may think, my shift from Hardstyle/Hardcore isn’t due to lost love. Love for the harder styles never fades; it merely evolves. This special collaboration with D-Block and S-te-Fan only came to be after my era as The Prophet, showcasing that change isn’t about ending one chapter, but starting another filled with new creative possibilities“.

‘Nothing But Rave’

A pure, heartfelt tribute to many years of game-changing music, ‘Nothing But Rave’ really does capture that early days’ sound. Jumpy pianos, breakbeat sections, and vintage kicks meet high-pitched vocals, Reverse Bass, and fat saw leads, all forming an impressive bridge between past and present.

The single, on a deeper level, represents the evolution of a genre and the passing of the torch. The Prophet’s retirement marks the end of an era, but his passion for Hard Dance lives on in the next generation, exemplified by D-Block & S-te-Fan. It also shows one of the most wholesome aspects of the Hard community: underneath all those violent kicks and in-your-face productions, the artists, values and goals of Hardstyle know and embrace true love for their legacy, and are happy to see the scene keep blooming over the years.

Listen to D-Block & S-te-Fan and The Prophet‘s ‘Nothing But Rave‘ below in the Spotify player we’ve attached. Also, click this link to support the release on your platform of choice. And make sure to keep our page on your radar to get to know all the music news and views as they unfold.